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Hide pole vector arrows in viewport?

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Hide pole vector arrows in viewport?

This is a small thing, but it bugs me that I can't figure it out, so... My viewport is layed out in two panels while I'm animating, one with the film gate and one with just the basic perspective view. I've turned off the view for all my rig controls (IK handles, NURBS curves, Deformers, etc.) in the film gate view so I just have a clear view of my animation as I work, but for some reason the aim arrows for my pole vectors (circled in red) won't go away with everything else. Anyone know how to turn the view for those pesky little arrows off in one panel only? 

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Here's a quick hack that I found from another forum.


Under the Viewport’s ‘Show’ menu, the ‘Dimensions’ box is the one that toggles pole vector visibility.

Hope this helps!

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