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HEUR.virus.script.infected MayaBin genC??? Important!

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HEUR.virus.script.infected MayaBin genC??? Important!



My name is Xavier. I have met someone in the industry that wanted to take a look at my work. I put my 2 .mb files onto a google drive, shared the link with only him, and his "viral detector" doesn't like my scenes. I explained to him that I was sorry and have no idea what the issue could be.

He mentioned " there Chinese letters on the bottom right when you load the file?"
No, never. Not one scene I have ever opened has done that. The only thing that I have ever seen pop up on the bottom right is Failed to load camera or Successful load in #seconds or something along those lines, which has only happened MAYBE once.

As seen in the title, "HEUR.virus.script.infectedMayaBin genC" is what is returning from his ZoneAlarm. He then explained that a few schools have been hit by this before and its usually spread via sharing Maya files, which is what happened in a bunch of my classes with receiving Rig files or other scenes for assignments.

I am using Maya2022, I have downloaded the MayaScanner, installed, loaded, and scanned the files I was trying to share with him(and others)but it says the all files are clean. After scanning, I resaved, resent, and the alarm still goes off on his side.

Does anyone have any information on what this could be or how I could do further testing to find out what is going on?

I have no issues with Maya. No errors pop up ever. I hardly ever see crashing unless doing something with abcBullet. The only thing I could say that is peculiar that happens is that my preferences don't save when I set them.

Thanks in advance,


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Found this post after finding a virus in this car rig from Alex Salmar. 

File was downloaded as a ".rar" directly from his  gumroad and scanned directly with virustotal (previously detected by Kaspersky in my desktop)


But what is this? It could be a false positive from a plugin? There is no further information about this:

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