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Help when IMPORTING fbx to Maya from Unreal

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Help when IMPORTING fbx to Maya from Unreal

Hello - I am having trouble with some coordinate differences when trying to import objects to Maya from Unreal.

Most of the time you read about exporting FROM Maya to Unreal, but I am talking about exporting some selected items in the Unreal editor as FBX, then importing those into Maya.


When I do this, for any given object my X, Y,and Z coordinates are exactly right, except Y and Z are swapped.  I expect this because of Unreal being Z up and Maya being Y up.  But the Rotation coordinates are completely unrecognizable.  The objects look fine in the scene, but the numbers do not make any sense to me.  I really need to be able to correlate both translation and rotation coordinates between Maya and Unreal.  Anyone know why the rotation values would be completely different or how to fix them?


I know it's possible to reach the same 3D transform using different sets of XYZ rotations, so I am wondering if that's what's going on.  Like maybe Unreal does X first, then Y, then Z, and on import Maya does something different?  The end result LOOKS the same but I need the VALUES to the be same, or at least something I can interpret (like swapping Y/Z).


Anyone know what I am talking about?


For instance I have a rock.  In Unreal its translation and rotation values are this:


translation: (X=268994  ,Y=266887 ,Z=115789)

rotation: X = 16, Y= -12, Z = 202


In Maya, the values are this:


translation: (X=268994, Y=115789, Z=266887)

rotation: X = 111, Y = 22, Z = -166


Thanks for any suggestions!




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