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HELP!!! display issues after closing render sequence

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HELP!!! display issues after closing render sequence

Hello, I created a scene for a project thats due next week and I wanted to test a camera animation. When It was rendering the sequence, I realised it wasn't rendering the right scene.


For some reason, it was showing me a door that was very similar to the last project I was working on, and with no other way to stop the render, I forced quit maya. After re-opening the scene it shows me this:


Everything still seems to be there but my viewports are permanently stuck. I can't move around or view anything different.  I've already tried resetting my preferences, restarting my laptop, switching workspaces, creating entirely new orthographic views but it still shows me this . If I mess with the size of any of the windows it also starts glitching like crazy. Idk what to do please help




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