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Has anyone tested Maya on Ventura? Mac OS 13?

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Has anyone tested Maya on Ventura? Mac OS 13?

I am wondering before I install Ventura if I would have any issues with Maya. The compatibility says 12x, it doesn't mention 13 yet.



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having troubles launching

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in reply to: Sultan_Gadylbek

Despite what they say, Autodesk doesn't really care about Mac users and don't have the ressources to code well for OSX. I've spent plenty of time with the support in LA and they don't even have a decent Mac to test Maya, only old iMac. They are very friendly but they were unable to solve anything. I've tried for 2 years to run Maya on a Mac Pro 2019 28 cores,... 45000$ machine and it is a disaster. Very unstable. I've switched to Houdini. Ok, Sidefx doesn't care a lot about Mac user too but Houdini is more stable than Maya. I only rent Maya for project fo which I really have to, maybe 1 to 3 months a year but it is always an unpleasant journey.

I hope one day Autodesk will wake up cause Mac computers are more powerful and less expensive than f.. PC and Maya, when it works, is a fantastic software.

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