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Green polygons in Maya 2009

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Green polygons in Maya 2009

Hi, people. A quick introduction: I'm not a Maya user, or any sort of modelling program. I'm a brazilian psychologist and I have a schizophrenic pacint who's a Maya 2009 user. He likes to create cars and race tracks. It happens that this last week his "polygon shelf got stolen by hackers". Me, with no knowledge about Maya whatsoever, tried solving it. I understood what shelves are and created a new shelf called "Polygons" which made the polygons appear again. That made him happy. Nevertheless, all his previous modelling became green. That we couldn't solve for nothing. I searched on the forum and YouTube videos but nothing helped so far. There are some explanations (something about shaders, maybe), but since I'm not a Maya user, I need the most "for dummies" explanation possible.


I took some pictures of the problem to see if it helps.


Oh! And when I click on "view" (or maybe "show") and unclick polygons, the green marks disappears (like the third picture), but It also makes the car disappear, since it's made of polygons, I guess. 


Thank you

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Ola Elvis, isto e facil de resolver, go to Display>Polygons>Face Normals   although it could be in a different shelf name because he's using a very old version and I don't remember where exactly is located, the name remains the same Face Normals are those green lines that point out from the surface and they can be hidden or reduced in size, should be in the documentation as well.

Boa sorte.

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in reply to: damaggio

I'll be with him thursday and let you know. Thank you so much.

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in reply to: elvisxgomes

It fixed it! Turns out it was vortex and face normals. Another problems showed up, that I solved by clicking "reset display". He's happy now and able to continue working on modelling his cars. He said: "Thank you so much and keep on working on Autodesk Maya, whatever version it is!"


Autodesk Alegria.jpg

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in reply to: elvisxgomes

Fantastic, good luck to both of you.


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