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Graph Editor Error

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Graph Editor Error



I have been using Maya for the the past year, and have never really had any unsolvable issues. However, I have recently come across a graph editor error when I open it. The main poses show up in the editor, but the curves do not. The error can be seen in the picture below (// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2022/scripts/others/graphEditorPanel.mel line 1229: popupMenu: Object 'graphEditor1GraphEd' not found.)


I have deleted and reinstalled maya, and have received the same error. I have also updated my graphics card with the latest drivers. I'm really puzzled because it had been working fine up until this point, had used the graph editor several times and now all of a sudden I get this error. 


Please advise, Thank you.



Screenshot 2022-03-04 154134.jpg 

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I also have the same problem.. What was the solution for you please. Can you wrote me how you solved?

Thank you

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What was the solution?

I appreciate your response.

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if you can provide us with the solution it would be much appreciated!

Thank You! 

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Any update on how the issue was resolved. Thanks!

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i have the same problem. what was the solution? please, help.


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Hi. I had the same problem recently. 

After trying all the classic solutions (deleting preferences, re installing Maya, updating Nvidia drivers ...) What finally solved for me was to also update the AMD drivers. I am running Maya on a AMD laptop and the AMD graphic card was conflicting with the Nvidia card.

I hope this helps if this is applicable to your situation.

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I'm using an internal graphics card on motherboard. I guess the problem with an update. thank you for the reply. 

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I am facing the same issue. In my case I am using HP OMEN with Nvidia RTX 3060 TI. The graph editor was working fine early. I updated the driver reset all maya settings, still the issue is not resolved.

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This would likely be a preferences issue since preferences are not reset when re-installing Maya.

Here is a help link on how to reset your Maya preferences:

Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer
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Hi @brentmc 


Thank you for your reply.

I have already done these steps and didn't solve issue.

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If you have an AMD computer try also updating the divers for the motherboard. That was the solution for me after trying every other solution.

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I have Intel i7
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Was the Graph Editor working with an earlier graphics driver?  If updating did not fix the problem, perhaps rolling back to an earlier driver might fix it.



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The issue is Maya failed to initialize graphics device when the software starting. Below mentioned dialogue showing in Output Window.

"VP2 Error : Failed to initialize graphics device.
Error: Color management settings cannot be applied: Failed to finalize the color transform.."

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Hello Sir

Could you please give a viable solution to this issue on Maya 2022. It is really costing me my business. i cannot find my Curves on the Graph Editor window. Pleasssseeee

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Hello Sir, this is 2024 and you posted this issue in 2022. You also posted that you've resolved it. Why not be kind enough to post the solution here for those here and those to come in the future to benefit from??

The Maya 2022 version seems to be the most stable version of Maya that is why I still use it to date. I have tried Maya 2024 but still had to revert back to 2022 but this Graph Editor issue has got me really worried. 

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Autodesk tech person directly contacted me, and he checked my laptop and found the issue, The issue was that Maya couldn't detect the Graphics card while launching. And he tried many things on my laptop to fix it, but it didn't work. Finally, he suggested formatting the laptop and reinstalling Maya!!

My laptop is i7 with RTX 3070 Ti

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Wow. Thanks for the information. Formatting my Laptop now would be like restarting my life afresh. I may have to manage the 2024 version for animations only until I get a new laptop. 

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