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Graph Editor Auto Frame

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Graph Editor Auto Frame



since working in 2017 my graph editor automatically frames the curves of each new selected item

this is sometimes useful, but sometimes confusing

I cannot find this feature, perhaps someone could give me a hint


btw its not the "time snap on/off"

this breaks the link to all new selections

I want to see new curves when i select a new object

just not zoom/frame to their range but stay with my previous framing


thnx in advance


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in reply to: martinmichl



I see what you mean.. hmmm..  It wants to just zoom into the keys of the last selected object.  I will try to find out how stop this as I do see how it can gre annoying pretty fast.


Thanks for reporting this.. as it is, it seems like it was designed this way, yet we might not be aware of a check box hidden someplace to make it all better ;-).  Have a great weekend, I will check back on Monday to see if I have figured it out.

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in reply to: cornelh

Hello @martinmichl,


There is an option in Windows > Settings/Preferences > Animation. Under Graph Editor disable the option for "Auto Frame".





David Santos

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in reply to: santd

Wow, hidden in the Preferences?  That is some lazy programming there.


Is there a Preference for a better UI?  Maybe a "Awww, Come ON!" button so I don't have to keep yelling it out loud.

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in reply to: santd

I know this topic is Super old, but I don't care. I just wanted to say thank you so very much. This just saved me so much frustration. The graph editor constantly zooming back out while trying to work within a specific region was driving me absolutely bonkers. What hair I have left is also thankful.

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