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Glitch adding color to my objects in Maya

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Glitch adding color to my objects in Maya

Ok, I am a beginner so please bear with me.


  • I am having an issue each time that I am trying to add a color to my objects. I have attached a screenshot to show. When I select the object or select a face of an object and right click to assign new material and select either a blinn or a lambert etc. I am automatically getting a different window on the right side instead of my color options. The window I am getting says for example "polyextured..." on the tab instead and no color options.


What is not coming up is the typical window with all the color options, im not getting the window with the example circle that says the name of the color option I chose on the tab or anything

(I attached an example of what I mean)


I have also tried scrolling through the tabs with those little arrows but there is still no tab with the blinn or the lambert or color options or anything.....


**sorry if this is so elementary, I know there are a lot of experts here...

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The shader tab is the last there - clicking the > will lead you there.

Also, I assume you don't need all those other tabs, therefore do Edit>DeleteByType>History. Try AttrEditor now.

And still, I'd use Hypershade editor, because AttrEditor will show just one of the materials, not two, which I remember you had. Select the dice and click the Graph Materials on Selected Objects



Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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in reply to: hamsterHamster

thank you deleting the history made it able to find the tab it created. Thanks

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