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Game exporter issues

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Game exporter issues


I'm using Maya 2018 on a student license.

I have a basic rig with non deforming geometry attached. When export my model and rig with the game exporter for use in Unity I get multiple issues that I can't seem to figure out solutions to.

Firstly the Uvs gets messed up when exporting. 

Secondly, the animations gets sort of messed up. It seems like the exported model uses the neckbone for origin for some reason (I export with "Move to origin" unchecked). Also, everything parented to my COG seems to move to the origin of the COG.


I'm a Maya beginner and I'm sorry if the solution are obvious, but I can't figure it out.


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Hi, so I fixed the uv problem! Still haven't fixed rig deforming problem.

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for the maya to game engine rig issue, you'll probably want to use what I call a scene origin bone.


It's nothing special, it's just a normal bone that sits at world position (0,0,0), and never animates. Keep this at the top level in the hierarchy, and all the other bones are underneath this bone. The game engine will use this as a point of reference for where the model sits. Doesn't matter what you call it, just need a bone that sits at the origin that doesn't move. From what I saw in your outliner, it looks like "spine" would be the one that needs to go under a scene origin bone.


When the game engine looks at your file, it doesn't care about the controllers or any of that. All it cares about is what is the top bone, and where is it. After that, it uses that as reference to place the other bone locations. 

Try giving that a go, and let me know if you still run into trouble with it, or need clarification on anything!


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in reply to: osidedan

Thank you! I tried your suggested solution but I got the same results. 

I did however fix it by switching to fbx dae and then it worked!

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in reply to: Anonymous

Awesome! I'm glad you got it working!

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