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Full Asset Library and Project Directory Server Migration Help

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Full Asset Library and Project Directory Server Migration Help

Does anyone have any experience in moving an entire asset directory/library from one server to another? I'm talking tens of thousands of assets between Maya files, textures, scripts etc., not just moving a single project structure to a new location and using the file path editor to re-link it.


Long story short my company is planning on moving our directory which is on drive "A:\Library\Assets\xxxx"    to drive "B:\Library\Assets\xxxx "   and I don't want to manually re-link each individual maya file to the correct texture path. I'm hoping (praying?) that there is a better solution and somebody has had to deal with this kind of issue in the past.


Is there some sort of mass re-link operation or script that could help streamline this process? 

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Hello @afrench87,


allow me to offer some "careful" suggestions. Migrating huge asset data is never easy and personally I would not trust an automatic or script based procedure to move all assets at once.


Basically -after migrating the files- it can be a good practice to use UNC file paths at the project setup on the new server. Maybe this article can help to get some insights: How to assign a file path using the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) for 3ds Max and Maya.

However, this would be a new approach for your future project setup on the new server, but it does not solve or automatize the migration problem. I think, the best procedure is to grab a few projects, check if all assets are properly linked to folders wich are in the same project, move it to the new server and relink the files if necessary by using the File Path Editor in Maya. This is the only way that I can honestly recommend.


Hope this helps! Looking forward to your reply, if you have questions or comments!


Best regards,



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Hello @afrench87 ,

Did the response from @patrick.schock help answer your question? Did you find his advice and suggestions helpful? If yes, please click on the "Accept as Solution" button in his reply so this helps other users in the community find the solution too. Thanks!

Lynn Zhang
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