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fixing error "no object matches name: polyExtrudeFace1"

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fixing error "no object matches name: polyExtrudeFace1"



I am trying to color the face of this die white. I already colored the dots. The dots are a separate set. I have tried to select the face and the set and then click on select-inverse. Every time I try to do this I am getting an error. "no object matches name: polyExtrudeFace1:. I am just a beginner and not sure what I did wrong or how to fix this. Or any advice on how to just change the face of the die white would help. I have attached the screen shot. 

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Since you are at the material assigning phase, you can Edit>DeleteByType>History.

And, if you want to assign materials, then it is quicker to assign the white mat to the entire dice, then select the dot set and assign the black mat.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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thank you, this is the route that I took, I was doing an assignment from a professor that had a tutorial to follow but this is the the way that I found it much easier and got it done. It worked out to apply the white to the face of everything and then go back and just do the set dots black. Thank you!

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