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File size issues for Mocap Animation files

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File size issues for Mocap Animation files

Hello all. I'm dealing with a few weird issues that I'm hoping someone can make sense of for me. 

First issue is with my file sizes for mocap projects. I have a clean rig file that I map my mocap animations to. This file is about 16 MB without animations. When I add the mocap data, map it, bake it, and then delete the mocap rig itself that I imported, the file jumps to 300+ MB. It's crazy huge compared to one of my co-workers who uses the same rig as me and imports animations of the same length. His file sizes are 91 MB. I tried optimizing my scene, deleting non-deformer history, and deleting things that I thought I didn't need but no dice. Weirdly enough, I copied and pasted the key frames from my 300 MB file and pasted it onto my clean rig file (16 MB) and saved an iteration of it. This time, it was about 91 MB large. I can't wrap my head around this so if anyone knows something I don't, I'd appreciate the advice. Lol.


Second issue and this one makes ZERO sense to me. When working with large mocap data, I usually save parts of the animations as separate files after I trim down the entire animation only to what I need. I trim the animation with the Time Editor. I have a file that starts at 91 MB. I take that file, find the frame range that I want to work on, and then go into the Time Editor to delete everything before and after that range. When I do that and save....the file size gets bigger. Please make that make sense for me!!!


Thank you all in advance for your expertise!

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