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File pathing problem, things aren't where they say they are

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File pathing problem, things aren't where they say they are

Hello everyone, I'm having a problem where the file viewer on my computer and in Maya look different. Because of this, I can't find project windows I need to access, so I can't find my source images, textures, etc... The reason why the files are in Adobe Creative Cloud is that I need to be able to access projects across different computers. How do I fix this? I didn't have any problems until I moved the projects to different folders.



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Does it work if you use the Windows Explorer instean of the maya one?

There is a setting in the prefs to use the windows explorer.

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Where do I find it under preferences?

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Hi @rycunning,


You can find the option @Christoph_Schaedl is referring to in the preferences window:



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Sorry, but is there supposed to be an image there? I don't see anything

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in reply to: rycunning

Hi @rycunning 

Just checking to see if your problem has been solved. Did the above response help answer your question? Let us know if you still need help.

Lynn Zhang
Community Manager

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in reply to: lynn_zhang

Yes that solved the issue!

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