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Fbx plug-in not working

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Fbx plug-in not working

Hi, so I’ve been trying to import fbx files into my Maya 2020.4 and even though I’ve got my fbx maya.bundle turned on, my files refuse to import. I get no error of any sort, yet my outliner and viewport remains empty. I can import Binary and ASCII files, but not FBX, so I know it’s only affecting the latter. Can anyone help me? 

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Are there any other objects with the same name in the scene?
In this case FBX is trying to update the animation.

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it’s a completely new scene. There are no other files in it.

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Where does the FBX file come from?

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Mixamo, but doesn't even take fbx files that were exported from Maya either.

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Mixamo, but it doesn't import fbx files that were exported from maya either.

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