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FBX Import into Maya ruining object names.

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FBX Import into Maya ruining object names.



I have a .step file that I have converted to an .FBX file to animate in Maya, but when import this FBX into maya the names of the parts change to FBXASC0 at the start, and the second half of the name is changed too. I need to names to stay as they are as this is a big part of the project.


I know its Maya causing this issue as I took the FBX into Blender and the names have retained the detail. I have tried to export with different fbx versions, as well as exporting the correct fbx from blender into Maya.


What can I do to fix the Maya FBX import?

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in reply to: jack.horrocks

Maya does this when FBX object names contain characters that aren't allowed in Maya node names.  It's impossible for the names to stay the same, since you're using names that aren't allowed in Maya.


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in reply to: zewt

I'm curious why it doesn't just convert them to underscores like other applications do (instead of "FBXASC###). 


We're left with either spending time with renaming scripts, or importing somewhere else (Max, Houdini, Blender all keep the names correctly - Houdini converts illegal characters to underscores) and then export Alembic/etc, just to keep the names in a readable format.

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