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FBX Export drops all of the custom materials

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FBX Export drops all of the custom materials



This is something I have spent days asking other 3D graphic designers about with no luck and I'm in dire need of help. 


I'm having to export my Maya models with materials intact in FBX format for the purpose of rendering models with high quality in web browsers. I made sure that I had understood the official guide on FBX Export Settings and I notice enabling Embed Media allows linked images to be incorporated. However, regardless of Export settings and whether the models have linked images or not, Maya drops all of the materials and linked images off any models no matter how simple or complex the models are. 


Converting the data into .glb format is so lossy that it does not meet client expectations. Please help me work out how the models can retain the materials and linked images after being exported into the FBX format.


Thank you in advanced.


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in reply to: Eadig

I have just found this article explaining that Maya can only export its standard materials in .fbx/glb format, not Arnold materials:


Once I replaced the AI materials with Lambert, Blinn or Phong and converted into .fbx format, the models could be rendered correctly with textures on even in web browsers. However, if someone ever works out ways in which Arnold materials can be exported in .fbx/glb/obj format, please share them.

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