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Fatal Error when trying to start Maya

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Fatal Error when trying to start Maya

I have just installed Maya2022 and I am running into this problem when trying to start it up. The loading bar gets to "Loading plugins (mayaUsdPlugin)", a pop up then appears saying there is a fatal error. I have attached a picture.


Any help to get maya up and running would be hugely appreciated.


Cheers Osten


maya problem.png

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Hi @o.parish8538,


are you trying to load a file when starting Maya 2022? If so, please try to start Maya 2022 without loading a file and see if it works.


If the fatal error persists when launching the program without loading a file, you can proceed with these first (basic) steps:


  1. Close Maya and follow the steps from here: How to reset the Maya Preferences to Defaults.
  2. Check if the drivers of your graphic card are up to date: How to update to the latest certified video driver for Autodesk software.
  3. If Maya still does not start, follow the instructions from here: Perform a clean uninstall.


I hope you will have success. Please reply if you need further troubleshooting steps.


Best regards,


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