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Fatal error on startup Maya 2019 Mac.

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Fatal error on startup Maya 2019 Mac.

Hi everyone, I'm struggling here. I have the educational license for Maya and have been working with Maya 2018 with no issues. Recently it wouldn't get off the loading screen so I re-installed from Autodesk. The earliest version I could install is 2019 so I went with that. 

When I tried loading up the new program I got the following error as soon as it loaded:

Fatal Error. Attempting to save in /var/folders/l8/kd30wmh142lcnfch2sx8tc940000gn/T/********

(my name is in asterisks)

I tried the 'prefsOld' approach - nothing. Then tried pasting the text floating around here into the .env file (hope I did it right) but nothing, then I did a clean uninstall, tried Maya 2022, but that crashes too.

I'm currently having to self isolate and I am teaching Maya to 3 groups of college students, so I'm a bit worried about getting things working again. I'm no computer whizz, so any help would be gratefully appreciated. 

I'm on a Mac - here are the specs. All is up to date as far as it tells me, as I'm sure the video card drivers update with the rest of the computer?




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Apple’s recent security update has broken the Intel HD4000 driver

at the moment there is no fix for this. Reverting the security update may be possible, but then losing what it was created for

Wayne Arnold


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Thanks for the heads up Wayne. To be honest, I have just specced up a brand new PC as I feel my Mac was starting to show its age.  With a little luck things should be fine on it!

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