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Face selection offset from where selection tool is placed

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Face selection offset from where selection tool is placed

I'm helping a friend model, doing a simple extrusion in Maya. I'm in Maya 2022.3 his is in 2022.5. A few buggy things have come up. When he puts his mouse over a face to select, the highlighted (red) face appears several faces over. We worked around the issue by making a selection of faces with the Lasso tool. Then when attempting to extrude, the extrusion transform tool does not center. Resulting with a deformed extrusion. Thanks for anybody's help on this.

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A bit difficult to see what is going on - but in "Daniels" last pic - it looks like he has a stray vertice or two. I would try merging points first, and see if the behavior persists. Hey may also need to try resetting the 'move' tool to defaults.

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Sorry about that. Resetting the tools was a thought. I'll double check with him to see if he did that.

But in general, when you have gotten set up to select a face (right click, select face mode) as the mouse/cursor/selection tool hovers over the asset, a highlighted face should be present right under that cursor arrow. Not several faces to the right or below.
He did reinstall Maya. One thing I noticed right away was the default shader when opening a cube for example is not grey (lambert) but a dark grey. Turns out to be the ai Standard Surface shader.
Thanks again for your help.

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