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extrude problem

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extrude problem

After I extrude the polygon, something  strange happen. What do I miss?

Screen Shot 03-04-21 at 04.53 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 03-04-21 at 04.58 PM.PNG

I cant see any addition polygon from the viewport.


Screen Shot 03-04-21 at 04.54 PM.PNG







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Which part is the confusing one?

Those white edges, most likely, are the UV seams, which you can check in the uvEditor. You can toggle their visibility in Display>Polygons>textureBorderEdges.

Or, if the problem is the uneven extrude, then that is because the faces are twisted and you are performing Local transform, try Global, or transform each face individually.

P.S. As this is purely modelling question, you could have posted in the Maya Modeling section.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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in reply to: bbg_hi

I think it's because you got multiple edges and faces on top of one another. If you highlight all your vertices use the merge vertices tool with a low threshold and then use the cleanup tool. And then extrude your faces that should fix it.

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