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Exporting FBX - Up Axis setting makes no difference

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Exporting FBX - Up Axis setting makes no difference

Hello all, I am struggling with the Game Exporter a bit in Maya 2024.  I am trying to update meshes in Unreal that were generated in Max with Z up, and no matter what axis I set as "Up" in the Game Exporter, I get the same result - the mesh comes in rotated incorrectly.  I have the meshes set up within groups and just export that group node with everything in the transforms frozen, and that usually works great.  But if I want to have it rotate to match the original Max Z-up settings I run into issues.  


Wanting to eliminate the Unreal import settings as a culprit, I did a test by just exporting an fbx twice, once with the Y up setting in Game Exporter and once with the Z up setting, and when I imported them into a new scene in Maya they were exactly the same.  I also tried cutting out the Game Exporter and exported them both with Export Selection and switched the axis on the way out but that also didn't work.  I then got rid of the group nodes and just tried meshes but got the same behavior.  Any idea what I might be doing wrong here?

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Does anyone else see this same behavior in Maya 2024?

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