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exporting fbx into substance not smoothed?

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exporting fbx into substance not smoothed?

Hi, this may be a silly mistake or the version on Maya 19.2, I don't know?


when I import an fbx. file into substance painter the mesh is unsmoothed, despite the fact that I have smoothing groups and smooth mesh enabled when exporting. 


I am stumped, any help would greatly be appreciated,

many thanks

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Hi @Rosannah.Galbraith7 


Thanks for posting! Before exporting, is the construction history deleted on the model? Edit > Delete by type > History.


Thanks again for being a part of our community!

Jordan Giboney
Technical Solutions Engineer | Media & Entertainment
Installation & Licensing forums | Contact product support | Autodesk AREA

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Hi, yes the history of the object is deleted

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no further responses or answers on this subject?

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