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Exported MetaHumans don't show up on Maya

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Exported MetaHumans don't show up on Maya

Hello, as the described above, I'm having trouble sending my MetaHumans into maya from Quixel Bridge. I don't get any error codes on bridge, and instead it claims that it was exported successfully (i checked Source Asset + UAsset so its not that error). I tried with other models and they all show up on Maya, so the issue is only with MetaHumans

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Following this. I have the same issue. Using both Maya 2020 and Maya 2022 on a Mac. Nothing shows up in the Outliner. Does anyone have any ideas? I did see a video where is said you need DirectX which of course is Windows only.

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I have discovered that indeed, DirectX is needed to import Metahumans models into Maya on a Mac. The only way to get this to work right now seems to be to run Windows on an emulator, install the Windows version of Maya as well as the Windows version of Bridge and download from there.  It isn't worth it.

Such a pity manufacturers aren't taking advantage of the power of the new M1 Pro and M1 Max chips as well.

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