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Explicit Tiles not Working in Maya 2019 (and older versions)

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Explicit Tiles not Working in Maya 2019 (and older versions)

Hi Autodesk,

I'm having a problem with the Explit Tiles functionality in the "file" node. 
I've looked around the internet and found a couple of users that had the exact same problem. 
So it's probably not just my machine or my specific Maya installation.

So what's the BUG? Well Maya is giving me the ability to add Explicit Tile functionality to my "file" node, and it does show up in the viewport. (After pushing the "Generate Preview" button) But it is not rendering the result. It will only render the first tile (U0V0). I've tested this in Maya 2015 (SP 6) /2018 (update 3) and 2019.  With Software Renderer / Arnold and with Redshift. It does work with Maya Hardware 2.0 (But that's just grabbing the viewport so that's obvious)


I will add a Maya file so you can test it out over there, but the only thing i'm doing:

- Create a polySphere with default UV's (U0V0).
- Duplicate this polySphere and move it to the side.
- Grab the UV's of the second PolySphere and move it one quadrant to the right (U1V0)
- Create a File node, turn on Explicit Tiling.
- Put one image in the "Image Name" Attribute slot. (Autodesk Logo)
- Add one extra "Add Explicit Tile" and choose the Google logo.

- add the outColor of the file node to a Lambert (or a Arnold/ Redshift Shader)

- Assign this "ONE" shader to both the the Spheres.
- Push the Generate Preview Button, to show the textures on the objects in the viewport.
- Set the renderer to Software/Arnold/Redshift and push Render.

I've added a couple of screenshots to show the exact problem:

Here are some links to other users that have the same problem, no one has gotten a solution it seems:
link 1:

link 2:


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in reply to: Kornelisbij

Note that this needs to be supported by the renderer.  If I remember correctly Arnold doesn't support it, not sure about the rest.  (Mental ray did.)  It feels like something that should be provided globally so it works consistently everywhere, but unfortunately that's just not the case...


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in reply to: Kornelisbij

Sorry for necroposting, is there any solution with this issue? I have the same problem with Maya 2020

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in reply to: Kornelisbij

Just willing to report that in 2022 Explicit Tiles still didn't work in Arnold.

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