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Error when trying to export object with material AIstandard 2017-student

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Error when trying to export object with material AIstandard 2017-student

I have tried to export using .MB .ASCII  .FBX and .OBJ   I am trying to bring over my material and textures to Unity.   This is the error I get when trying to export in FBX

The plug-in does not support the following material types:

Material FloorLightGold will be exported as a gray Lambert material.


I do not seem to get an error when I use the others, however, I do not get the textures output and the material is just grey when used in Unity.


 I have attached a screenshot of my shader group.  (At least I think that's what it's called... obviously I am completely new.)




Any ideas?  

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You can't "transfer" something from one application to an other that does not support it.


All of the following needs to support the feature.

1. The application where you export from

2. The exported format itself

3. The application where you import to


If any of these 3 does not support it then it can't work.


Even if you make the export to work by updating Maya and Arnold (It works with Maya 2018), Unity needs to support it too.

It's common to do networks for materials and textures inside the game software.



Update Maya or use a common and widespread supported Material (in this case a Maya default material).

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in reply to: mspeer

Fair enough, but what of the textures?   Don't they get exported with the material to whatever format they are exported with?  (In this case, I tried Basic Maya and Unity preferred methods( .MA.MB.OBJ.FBX) and I did not directly export to Unity.)



I am using the most updated Maya 2017 Sp4 as well as updated Unity2017.2


Also, there doesn't seem to be anywhere that says that AIstandard does not work with Unity.  I will try using another material template and try to export as that should have been my first troubleshooting method.   I was just following what the plural sight instructors were saying is the "new standard"  *shrug


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In general the texture itself will not be touched by an exporter/importer.

OBJ for example even can't store complex shader networks, therefore it's mainly used for "mesh only" exports / imports.


Maya 2017 is not new, Maya 2018 is new and "new standards" need some years to become workable across multiple applications.

Why should Unity support Arnold Shaders? There is no use of Arnold inside Unity.


The workflow is OK, but keep it as simple as possible if you move files across different applications.

Or better said, find a workflow that works for you (of course this needs some time for testing).

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in reply to: mspeer

I think I understand... I believe my biggest issue here was that I didn't understand there was something "different" about Arnold.   Because this "lesson" was done as an animation tutorial all encapsulated within Maya I didn't understand the limitations of each component.   


I suppose I also expected 2017sp4 to be the most updated version of Maya since I just got an update like two weeks ago( maybe just feels that way.. I have been in a hurricane).    


Thanks for the information and patience!

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