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enable shared Display Layers????

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enable shared Display Layers????


I want to enable Shared Display Layers so my referenced scenes don't keep creating duplicate Display Layers.


The documentation goes on and on about all of the possible permutations of this, but does NOT bother to mention where the user can enable the feature. This makes me extremely angry.

In the docs page on Display Layers, it describes options for importing files:

Windows > Settings/Preferences > Preferences > Files/Projects > Display Layer


By Name


All layers read in that have the same name as an existing layer are merged with that layer rather than creating a new layer.


This does not work. I already have it set to "By Name", that was the default. But new layers are being created, with numbers appended, when a duplicate layer name is referenced in.

So is this just broken? Or is the documentation WRONG AGAIN? Or, dare I say it? BOTH?!?


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All the settings work for me. When you reference a file on import it gives you the option of shared reference options. This includes shared nodes, display layers, and shading networks. Make sure that both the files have the same display layer name.


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