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eGPU support for macbook pro

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eGPU support for macbook pro



I was wondering whether Maya supports the use of eGPU with a macbook pro? A lot of softwares are starting to adapt to this method, so just wondered which graphic cards are supported in the form of a eGpu? 



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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous and welcome to the community!


At the moment I'm not sure on this because not a lot of Maya users work with eGPUs.


That said, in theory as long as the Mac properly recognizes it and it is a visible GPU device Maya should be able to work with it.


Most likely this support will be more common in Maya 2019 and 2020 as eGPUs see more usage.




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in reply to: sean.heasley



ah ok! good to know! 

and just one last thing, with the new macbook pro, with the intel iris graphics chip 128, will this be ok? I dont see it on the list of supported hardware.  Hence i was looking into eGPU's



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in reply to: Anonymous

Hi @Anonymous


You're right and that its not on our supported hardware list so I can't guarantee it will be 100% perfect.


That said, there are users on these boards who work with that GPU and are fine however there was an issue a few months ago with the Iris GPUs but I believe it was a driver issue and was or is being fixed by them for the near future.


Hope this helps!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

great thanks for the reply!


I will go buy the macbook pro now 🙂 

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in reply to: sean.heasley

Hi Sean,


has there been any progress on the eGPU thing? I'm using a MacBook Pro with eGPU, both internal an external are AMD GPU. Is there any way I can make use of this in Maya 2022? I saw that realtime rendering in Arnold is still not available for the Mac version. Is there any other renderer that can be suggested which would work with eGPU as well as realtime rendering?


Many Thanks

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