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Duplicated object goes onto bottom of outliner

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Duplicated object goes onto bottom of outliner

Hi there,


It is becoming time consuming, the fact that duplicated objects go to the very bottom in outliner, not just beneath the object which it was duplicated from. 

I have recorded short gif showing what i need to do afterwards. This manual dragging causes another issue... the autoscrolling. 


Do you know how to make Maya put duplicated objects straight under selection?



duplicate special optionsduplicate special options

manual dragging is a nightmaremanual dragging is a nightmare




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outliner groupingoutliner grouping


Also when grouping, objects end up at the bottom.

How would I go around that?

Cheers for any tips. ^^

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A new object will become the "last created" object, you can't change this behavior.


There are multiple options to handle this "better":

a) Set a different "Sort Order" for the Outliner.

b) Group the object you want to duplicate first, then the duplicated object will stay inside the group.

c) Use multiple different prefixes or Namespaces and filter them in Outliner, so you don't get such a long list


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Hi there,


Thank you for the reply.


How Namespaces help with anything?


In my case, duplicated object totally ignores namespace and still goes to the very bottom.

Groups help, but Game Exporter does not support groups properly. So I am not keen to use them.

Meaning, lack of option to ignore groups in the Game Exporter is resulting having fbx file per group with all its content packed into a single file.


I just can't find the pipeline here...

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Namespaces can help like prefixes with a different sort order and when using filtering.

You can also remove groups before FBX eport, although this would be an additional step.


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