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Duplicate objects history

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Duplicate objects history


I want to take a object that has a bend deformer, and a history of being a cube and other stuff and i want to duplicate the object such that the new duplicate starts off with a COPY of the history but does not affect the history of the original..

So far my efforts in duplicate special give me these two objects that when one is bended, both bend (don't want that)... and if i delete one of them, both lose the bend modifier... kinda frustrating lol.

The hard way would be to recreate a new instance of what i want from scratch... any easy way to do what i want?
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you want to check "duplicate input graph" in the duplicate special options panel.
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I just tried, and when i bend the duplicate, the original bends aswell.
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Reviving an old thread here as this is something I'd like to know. Is there a way of duplicating a mesh, keep its history, but without it affecting the original?

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I also think that I want to leave the history of this duplicated thing. I don't expect modeling history. If I want it, a modifier like 3dsmax is convenient. Of course, I would be happy if Maya introduced this as well.

What's good about having the early history of Primitive is that the T key to increase and decrease subdivisions was so awesome that I came back from Blender to Maya. Of course, the history of Extrude and Bevel immediately after execution can also be edited with the T key.

However, what annoys me the most is that if I duplicate a Primitive that hasn't been edited yet, the History won't remain. I plan to post about this later on the Idea forums as well.

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