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drawUfe plugin and viewport slowdowns in Maya 2023

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drawUfe plugin and viewport slowdowns in Maya 2023



While testing Maya 2023.3 at work (Linux CentOS 7), the animation department raised a few issues regarding very slow response of manipulators when selecting rig controls, compared to Maya 2022.4.

After some digging, it turned out these slowdowns where due to the plugin, and disabling that brings back normal performances.
This is mostly noticeable when there are a few rigs in the scene - I suspect that it's actually heavy meshes causing this, more than rigs as a whole themselves - and one tries to switch manipulators (from translate to rotate, or to scale and back and forth).


I profiled that and the performance difference is quite huge:

  • not loaded, loaded >> 8ms
  • loaded, not loaded >> 147ms
  • loaded, loaded >> 1000ms

This is with the rig we were using during the test, and we had 4 references of them in the scene. Of course all this data changes with more rigs referenced in the scene. With 10 it became 2800ms for the latest scenario. There doesn't seem to be any change in performances with the plugin unloaded, so it's definitely the culprit here - and also explains why this issue is not there in previous versions of Maya, where the plugin doesn't exist.


I'm trying to create a reproducible case to file an issue, because we can't send the scene we have been testing this on, but I also wanted to flag this issue over here and hear if anyone experienced something similar when adopting 2023 in production.


Thank you,


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Found some time to record a video of the issue. I referenced 4 versions of Kiel Figgins' Deadpool Rig (thanks 🙏 and I managed to reproduce exactly the issue we found at work, although this is on Ubuntu 20.04 instead of CentOS, so I can probably say this affects at the very least the Linux realm.

You can spot the timeline lagging when both plugins are loaded and I switch manipulators, and a little bit also when only is loaded, while without none of them everything runs fine. I actually just realised I should have recorded the results with just the mayaUSDplugin ON, but at this point I can say for sure that it didn't have issues as I tested it at work.


It's pretty late here so don't have time to file a proper bug report right now, but I'll definitely do so after I get to test Maya 2024 as well, still have to get that installed along with the latest USD to check everything.


Whether this works properly in 2024 or not, it would be great to backport any fix to 2023 as I suppose many companies are pretty far from upgrading to Red Hat 8 from 7, which is the new minimum requirement, and a lot of USD stuff is not entirely usable before 2023.




Deadpool Rig by Kiel Figgins
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An issue on the maya_usd github repo has been opened:

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