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Donations for free models?

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Donations for free models?

I have the student license, I want to post my models and make money but I don't want to buy the license... can I put the models for free on a webpage and accept donations?


Also: could there be a way to pay to transform my student models into commercial ones?

Could something like this be added in a future?  ex. I pay 200$ to make my model commercially legal?

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in reply to: GamerMax000



- No

- No

- No


If you want to make money with Maya you have to get a commercial version of Maya, there is no way around this.

Educational versions are for learning only.


"Software and cloud-based services subject to an Educational license of entitlement may be used solely for purposes directly related to learning, training, research or development. The software and cloud-based services cannot be used for commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes."

Also read this:

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in reply to: mspeer

So I  can't post the models for free???

Or I can't accept donations?

Bc that sounds dumb

Thanks for answering btw

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in reply to: GamerMax000

Like mspeer clearly mentioned




Donation is a form of making money.

Stick to the legal agreement and enjoy Maya.

Best regards.

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in reply to: damaggio

is there no site where I can upload the models?  like dropbox?  It doesn't contain ads and the models are free so it is not commercial?

What about patreon (I know it is donation) but aren't donations supposed to be a form of supporting the producer and not the product? 




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in reply to: GamerMax000


Again: you can use an EDUCATIONAL version for:

- learning

- training

- research

- development


But not for ANY profit purposes / money making.


I could also say something like "at our company we don't get paid by clients we only get donations, so we don't need a commercial license". That's nonsense.


Also about "for free".

Example: "Every client that requests an instruction on how to use a model for his project gets one model for free." So he pays only for the instruction and not the model". That's also nonsense.

It's the same as with ads, if it supports your money making it's commercial.

Also it's not fair, cause you get in competition with other people,  with the difference that you do not have any expenses.

BTW, how would you feel if anyone takes one of your "free" models and sells it online earning ten thousands of dollars.


You see the problems?



Please stop finding a way to circumvent the restrictions of the educational version including removing license/copyright information, better put this energy into your work.


Just rent Maya for one month and create one or more models and see if it's profitable for you.

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in reply to: mspeer

but they couldn't steal and sell it bc it was made in a student version?

also I mean like simply free? only the model in a dropbox link or something? (I still don't understand this)

I still think donations should be ok but I don't think I can get around that 😞

Anyways I understand thanks! (Hello Blender)

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in reply to: GamerMax000



1. Donations means  you get money, very simple.

2. If you provide models how do you want to make sure that other people will not use your models commercially, cause they are not allowed to make profit with content provided by an education version either?


The student version is for you to have the chance to learn Maya without paying for it, that's all and nothing more.


You asked to pay 200$ to make one model commercial. So why do you not use this money, get Maya for one month, create some models and sell them? If it's profitable, it's fine and if not, then let it.

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in reply to: GamerMax000

You can do 1 thing give people service and earn money from there and then buy the commercial version and do what ever you wanted to do so .I Think this point cover all the things  that you wanted to do so.

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