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disappeiaring objects

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disappeiaring objects

so i have a problem with a project i create , when i finish my project i save it and the next day when i opened it next day  some of my object i create was dipparead and the other remaining   was green , i didnt delete the hisotry of anything , i can see the objects from the bar left but whene i do show all nothing happend

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the disapearing objects means a file crash and there is no help with it as much as i know, and the green objects means materiala or textures are missing, you deleted them or changed the location or Maya just choose not to see them any more, assign them again or go into youtube find some tutorials about it, it is full of them 

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The reason is because you have saved the file with history. Also remember to follow the recommended steps to protect your files from possible corruption.

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Hi @vpech ,


did either of the comments below help you narrow down the issue? 


a few other things to note:

  • If you are loading any assets off the cloud, or referencing in files (materials or assets), make sure to double-check your file paths and internet connection, this might play a hand in things disappearing.
  • When you say disappearing, are you noting they are gone from the viewport AND the outliner? If it's just the viewport, it might be a clipping plain issue.
  • Make sure to set your project, and have all scene materials locally pathed to avoid any broken links. Heres how to set your project

Please let us know if you continue to have issues like this, or anything that resolved the issue 😄 


Warm regards, 



Hagen Deloss
Community Manager | Media & Entertainment
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