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Difficulty retopologizing a photogrammetry 3D model

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Difficulty retopologizing a photogrammetry 3D model



I am a new Maya user. I am running Maya 2023 on a Windows 10 system. I am using the software to correct and optimize a mesh from a 3D model I created using photogrammetry.


The model's mesh has about 90,000 triangles. I have been able to successfully remesh it, but I am having difficulty retopologizing it. In the retopology settings I am selecting: (1) Preserve hard edges, (2) a target count of 50,000, and (3) the default tolerance of 10%. 


When I press Retopologize the program appears to freeze. The thinking wheel icon spins for hours and I loose all functionality on the software. I cannot even end the session.


I will appreciate any insights or help anyone can provide.



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Dont use preserve hard edges on a such high polycount. And 50.000 as a target count is also really high. Try 3000 first.


If this doest help please share the scene.

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Hello cg_oglu!


Apologies for my belayed response.


I did followed your instructions but unfortunately the retopology did not happen despite several attempts. I appreciate your offer to look at it further but at this point I do not feel comfortable sharing the scene.


Thanks anyway.

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