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delete History - Object goes green - SOLVED

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delete History - Object goes green - SOLVED

Hi guys just wanted to share a solution to a bug I've encountered. 


Upon deleting my objects history the whole object is highlighted this green colour as shown in the images attached. However when switching to face selection etc they still select the faces so the model hasn't increased its resolution and its a viewport error.


Simply select a face on the model and extrude it, this will bring your model back and just merge the extruded verts 🙂 



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7 years later problem still exists . But in every case solution is different  - sometimes you need Freeze and Unfreeze normals, may be extrude as you said. But also you can duplicate and separate all faces  - it will create a new object with out history. Say thank you and good bye to your old mesh and keep working with a new one 

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