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Delete history but still keep some transform because wired node

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Delete history but still keep some transform because wired node

Let's say I got a file from other people and there's one transforms in outliner,  which acts as group parent. And there are some meshes under that transform. If I combine all the meshes into one and try to "delete history" on the transform. Sometimes I can success clean everything but sometimes not. The case is after delete history, some new transform remains under the parent transform.  And I found out the problem is, the mesh contains wired node named  "polySufaceShape1" and this node is connected to nothing at HyperGraph Window. if I use python API "listConnections" I might get "MayaNodeEditorSavedTabsInfo" or complete nothing. If I delete "polySufaceShape1" node manually then I can success have clean transform after delete history. 


So my question is:

1. What cause this happened? Why would I have this unconnected node?

2. What is MayaNodeEditorSavedTabsInfo node?

3. How to prevent this and how should I delete automatically maybe by python? 


Thank you





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in reply to: aboutvenice

Hi @aboutvenice


I've had this happen a few times on rare occasions and it is unusual.


I've had times where deleting history won't work and yet if I grab the transforms in the Outliner and delete them manually it works sometimes.


This can be tough to reproduce so when you get a chance, can you please zip and attach the scene file here or via dropbox/google drive or another file sharing program so I can take a look at it?


If the file is confidential or or under NDA please send it to me in a private message.


Let me know if anything changes!



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Hi Sean, thanks for the kind reply.  The file with the problem is made by another artist so I'm not sure the exactly the action during the process. I talk to the artist yesterday and found out that she is also import/copy assets from files of other artists. I guess the issue might associate with the plug-in tool that other artist used? Some sort of custom node? Although the node name "polySufurfaceShape1" sounds like Maya native node name....  

What I can try to reproduce is: create a mesh, smooth it, and manually delete the link between  "polySurfaceShape" and "polysmoothFace". Then I can get an orphan polySurfaceShape node. 

But anyway, I still pack the file I got from artist for you. 


Thank you



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in reply to: aboutvenice



Delete history will not work, because it's not part of the history (it's not connected, but parented).

Delete this node manual.


This should not happen by properly using Maya and it's tools (just deleting a connection manual without further editing/correction is not a proper use).


If you can reproduce this by using some Maya tools, please add the steps here or create a bug-report.

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in reply to: mspeer

Hi @aboutvenice


Thanks for attaching the file!


@mspeer beat me to it Smiley Tongue


This shouldn't happen normally or like he said if you aren't randomly deleting nodes without editing or correcting them.


That said, if you are able to reproduce this with Mayas standard tools please let me know and we can report this issue.



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in reply to: sean.heasley

Hi guys, thanks for the reply.


Delete it manually seems the only way. I'll keep eye on it if I can reproduce by any tool.


Thank you.

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in reply to: aboutvenice

2. What is MayaNodeEditorSavedTabsInfo node?


I have the same question. I needed to connect :

nParticleShape6.message to MayaNodeEditorSavedTabsInfo.tabGraphInfo[1].nodeInfo[1].dependNode

but no idea what is this node about.



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in reply to: sean.heasley

I am afraid this happens ALL the time everyday and it is very frustrating. This depends on how you model, if you use one new mesh everytime then never happens. But if you ctrl+D a lot, it happens a lot. Yes, you can go, select the bad node and delete it, but when you have 65 of them in different parts of the scene then you miss a cleanup automatic option to do this for you...





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in reply to: aboutvenice

Hey guys,

I find a easy way to delete it manually:

Just select all the polygons from viewport,then group them.

Now in outliner, all the polygons are grouped in one group.the useless things just like transforms are out of the new group.

So,you can delete uesless things easily.and no worry about delete polygons by mistake。

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in reply to: aboutvenice

Note that to manually delete, in your Outliner make sure Display> DAG Objects only is unchecked, and Show > Show Auxiliary Nodes is checked.
Repro steps:
1) Open the Node Editor

2) Select an object (also happens to joints for me)

3) Click on either the Input Connections, Output Connections or Input and Output Connections buttons
4) Save the scene
Result: The object now has an MayaNodeEditorSavedTabsInfo node.

So you can avoid this by clearing or closing the Node Editor before saving.

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