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Default Navigation Trouble with Maya 2023.2 (possibly earlier?)

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Default Navigation Trouble with Maya 2023.2 (possibly earlier?)

I haven't been using Maya for a couple of years, but I cannot imagine that these problems are intended design changes. In order of my discovery...


1. After a new installation of 2023.2, the default perspective view is not properly reset.

I have to hit the "F" key  to frame nothing and then alt-left mouse to rotate the camera to see that I'm in Persp View

2. I select the Poly Modeling Tab and select a sphere. The default scale of the poly sphere is enormous relative to the grid (which is still set by default to centimeters). All primitives are scaled incorrectly by default.


At the centimeter scale, I have to scale the sphere (x, y and z) to 0.005 to match the primitive scaling defaults of previous versions. If I then hit the F-key to frame that sphere, the near clipping plane isn't near enough to display anything. Then, if I scroll back with the middle mouse wheel by a single notch, the camera pulls back far too much.


If I change the default scale to Meters, and create a default poly sphere, the scale is still too large and needs to be changed to (0.005) to match all previous versions of maya. However, if I press the F-key with Meters as default, the near clipping plane is correct, but the mouse wheel zooming remains excessive. In my opinion, Alt-Right Zooming is also excessively fast for a default setting.


This may seem like nit-picking, but as a longtime Maya user, even more trivial scaling issues than these have trickled down to cause massive errors in physics simulations and other animation systems in the past.


(despite these issues, let me add that I am extremely impressed with the improvements made to the Polygon Modeling and Editing Systems. There were peculiar problems with booleans and poly editing in Maya that went back as far as the Beta version of Maya 1. In the past maybe 10 years, the slowness of Maya's boot-up was baffling. It seems a long-needed core rewrite has been underway. Well done on all of that! 

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in reply to: deepcgi

It looks like your preferences aren't the same when you saved them.

Everything is working fine in my 22 2023  versions the grid and the scale of all objects that I chose work accordingly, nothing was changed in the new version (Unfortunately).

Double check your settings again and maybe build a new one from scratch.

The camera clipping plane is also working.


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