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DAZ animation to Maya?

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DAZ animation to Maya?

I made a character animation in DAZ. The animation is currently a .duf file. Is there any way to get this animation into Maya?

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Yes. You can. Open your Animated duf File i DAZ. Wlso open the animate Pane and the Timeline, Check, if the Timeline contains Keyframes. If the Animation is inly shon in the Animate Pane tzhan rightclick in the Animate Window and select "Bake to Keyframes". DAZ will now generate Keyframes in write them into the Timeline. Now Export as fbx or better choss the free DAZto Maya Bridge can automatically convert the DAZ Textures, so that the also render correct in Arnold. In both cases whatch carefully the fbx Dialog. Make sure, that all reqired figure Props, Clothes, Hair tc are correctly intergrated into the main figure and what shall be taken over tho maya, i.e. Lights, Carea. Than export and reopen in May. Voiala.


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