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Current Technical Problems of 3D Car Animation

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Current Technical Problems of 3D Car Animation

I am going to do a project about current technical problems about Maya animation production. I have decided to do an animation about car. The requirement of this project is to develop and use some techniques or solutions that can solve some problems of 3D animation nowadays. But I still have not come up with any idea about it. So I would like to ask for some advice and suggestions here, about some technical problems of 3D car animation nowadays and some solutions for them. It can be anything about 3D car animation. No matter it is about modelling, rigging, rendering or anything else, your suggestions and advice can help me develop my project and get it done. 
Also, I have though of producing a plug-in for car rigging. But I don’t know how to do the programming. Are there any tools that can be used to produce a plug-in without programming? Or is there any other ways other than programming to create a plug-in? Please tell me if you know anything about it. Thank you so much.

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