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CTRL+F4 behaves like hitting ALT+F4, making it unusable as a shortcut

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CTRL+F4 behaves like hitting ALT+F4, making it unusable as a shortcut

I'm trying to make my custom shortcut preset via Hotkey Editor. The idea is to make shortcuts to my most used commands similar to what I have in other 3d packages in order to minimize the pain while switching between programs and accidentaly hitting the keys from that other software I used to work with for the last couple of weeks.


In my preset I'm trying to reassign Maya's default shortcuts assigned to number keys 1...0 to their F-key counterparts (i.e. Low Quality Display, Node Editor-Hide Attributes, XGen-Density Brush, Sculpt Tools-Sculpt etc. would now be "F1"(+modifiers) instead of "1" etc.) in order to free the number keys for things like switching sub-object modes(object/subobject editing toggle, vertex, edge, poly, uv selection etc.).


However, I can't seem to assign the combination CTRL+F4. Everytime I try that, it closes the Hotkey Editor window even though the Hotkey Editor is in the mode when it is waiting for user input to record the desired shortcut.
Instead, it behaves exactly like pressing Alt+F4(which, to my knowledge, should be the shortcut for closing the window in Windows).
Is it by design, or have I just come across a bug?


Also, is there any particular reason why Maya doesn't seem to make difference between number keys above the letter keyboard and the number keys on the numpad(same as Max and other 3d packages do)? Just like that we would have 17 more keys(including Num-Enter,+,-,* and /) available for custom shortcuts and that would certainly be a big help when making custom shortcut sets.


And yes, I'm aware that practically everything in Maya is accessible via marking menus and also that some people can be quite fast using them, but after trying to work like that as much as I could I'd still rather prefer having my most used commands within the reach of one hand.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Same issue here. Would like to reassign Ctrl+F4. Would appreciate any insight. Thanks.

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