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Crash On Open Because Of Illustrator Files?

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Crash On Open Because Of Illustrator Files?

Hello all,

I've recently started having an issue with a project that had been perfectly fine up until now.

Yesterday, I went to open a scene from the project due to the fact that my boss would like me to make some changes to it for print and on open it crashed with the error "Error: Unable to import Adobe(R) Illustrator(R) file : I/O error."

I have lots of text created from Ai curves in the scene so I assume this has something to do with the error, I even removed all those files from the project folder to see if that would help but even though I didn't receive the error on open after doing this the scene still did not open. It just hung on the open like it was searching for these missing files, not sure.

I always save multiple versions of my projects just in case, but when I went to open my older versions I received the same error. Its so odd to me because I literally was working with these files maybe a month or month 1/2 ago and everything was okay...

This is a project I've been working with for awhile, almost a year now in total, and had had no issues with it previously. Luckily some of the scenes I saved as ASCII so if I can isolate the issue and remove it from the text file maybe I can salvage it.

I would just start over but it's a logo that has been used quite a bit already, I don't want to create it new and it be different from the original. Not to mention I'm on a tight deadline as well.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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This still happens in 2022 & 2023. Working with the file for several days without issue suddenly started shutting down Maya when opened. I determined it was crashing on importing and building Illustrator curves. I hid the .ai file in question, the file now opens.

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