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Corrupt file due to Maya Update

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Corrupt file due to Maya Update



I am working on an animated film project with my class. There was an Autodesk update released a few weeks ago, and I seem to be the only one who has updated it in my team. We are using the reference editor to import our assests like rigs and sets. My scenes crash every time i open them after i updated Autodesk, could this be the problem?? They also crash on my teammate's end. should everyone in our team update maya or should i go back to the older version if possible? we are all using Maya 2022, it was the Update that i downloaded recently (autodesk licesing service)


Please help!Screenshot 2022-03-15 114614.png

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Hi @chaipenguin99,


does the crash occur at every scene file? If just one particular scene file crashes, the licensing service update is very likely not cause of the crash. You could try to reset the Maya preferences first: How to reset the Maya Preferences to Default.

If this does not help, I would change the Evaluation mode from Parallel to DG in the Maya preferences at Windows > Settings/ Preferences > Preferences and test if it has an effect:




Best regards,



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