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Copy UVs to UV set not working?

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03-20-2017 05:18 PM

feel like this is supposed to be a really straight forward procedure. What are the conditions in order for this to work? I'm following the steps in the documentation and  there doesn't seem to be any information on troubleshooting.


In Maya 2017 I'm doing: UV of the UV I want to merge with context menu > UV > drag and select all UV vertices in UV editor so that they're all green "UV Sets" at the second to last menu option in UV editor panel taskbar > Copy UVs to UV set the UV set I want to merge to, in this case Map1 
4. and at this point I thought I'd have the UV shell pasted all into Map1 but it isn't there or anywhere in the vicinity?

why won't it work?

I'm following what it says here


and here


and it isn't a big deal, but the polygons menu doesn't exist in the UV editor anymore? you can find "copy uvs to uv set" in the UV sets menu for Maya 2017. the info above might be outdated.


EDIT: should clarify, I'm just trying to copy some uv shells from one object to another object. they're both sort of different so I don't think I can use transfer attributes, right?

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