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Converting to glTF format returns an error

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Converting to glTF format returns an error

Hello everyone


I would like to convert Maya models into glTF format to display them in websites using Three.js. I understand the use of the maya-glTF plugin is one good option. However, when I try to export my building model with the plugin after selecting the glTF Export option, Maya returns this message:


// Error:line0: Could not save file "/users/[username]/Desktop/scene.glb".


To my delight, Maya does successfully export as small scenes as products placed in an almost empty room. Nevertheless, the difference in the outcome of file conversion is making me wonder if exporting each component of a complex scene one by one would be the best workaround to resolve the error.


If there are better ways of exporting entire complex scenes in glTF format, please share with me.


Thank you in advance.


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