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Converting Character mesh into NCloth results in loosing shaders!

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Converting Character mesh into NCloth results in loosing shaders!

Hello there,


I have a character that has multiple textures assigned to it for torso, head, legs, arms, eyeballs and so on.

So multiple textures assigned for one single Mesh.


I am trying to convert this Mesh into an NCloth so i can try to simulate skin.

The issue i am having is that after converting this mesh into NCloth i lose all my textures.


Google tells me to reattach all my textures via Hypershade. But there is not one single texture as i mentioned, there are multiple ones, and it doesnt work.


I also tried Mesh->Transfer Shading Sets (from a duplicated mesh before converting to NCloth) but with no success. It transfers some textures but they are placed wrong. Its not correct...


Is there a way i can convert a mesh (that has multiple textures attached) into an NCloth without losing textures?





Thanks a bunch.

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in reply to: Anonymous

This has always happened with nCloth.  It's a really painful bug that plagues everybody trying to do cloth sims in Maya.  Somebody ticked the "nCloth: [x] Feature Complete" checkbox at some point and nCloth hasn't been touched in years, leaving it to every user to figure this mess out for themselves.


I give AD a lot of slack on a lot of bugs, but this one's a nightmare for every user of nCloth.


Sorry that all I have is a minor rant and not a solution, but this bug should have been fixed years ago.  It's the type of bug that sours everyone to the feature.  In practice, if you can't script your way out of this, the best you can do is never using multiple material assignments with nCloth.


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in reply to: zewt

Thanks for your reply.

Do you happen to know a script? As so far i havent touched the coding part of Maya.

A general script for this issue would suffice and ill find my way with material names and all that.


I want to do great and many things with Maya and making skin and clothing simulation is part of it.

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in reply to: zewt

I think i might have a solution, although i havent tested it on a final render so far and im not sure if it might have a problem.


So after im done creating the skin than say i want to do an animation with it.

I cache my animation with the NCloth activated nCache->Create New Cache->nObject

After that i select my ncloth mesh and activate its input mesh, nCloth->Display Input Mesh.


Than i go Cache->Geometry Cache->Import Cache. And i import the nCloth cache

So then i have my animation with the normal textures attached but with the Ncloth skin simulation.


Not sure if this is a true solution as i only tested it via Playblast once, so lets see.

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in reply to: Anonymous

That's the answer as far as I'm concerned. Makes sense to keep the cloth free of any attributes for the sim.

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