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Converting a Float Message into 3D Text and have it update

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Converting a Float Message into 3D Text and have it update

I'm hoping someone can help me with plugging a floatmessage into the text section of the 3D Text Tool.

My hope is that I can have an object travelling X amount of distance in my scene, and that X distance would be converted to an on screen 3D text, that is constantly updating as the object moves in space. As the object slows in space, the 3d text would represent that too.

I have a dozen of these to do, so overlaying an on screen graphic in Post is an option, although just an extra step I'd prefer to skip.

In the node editor I have tried connecting the floatConstant node Message output to the 3d text type1 Vector Messages but it does not update the 3D text in scene, I have tried this for almost every Message input within the 3D type node graph. Please see attached image.

Does anyone have any creative ideas on whether this is possible for me to achieve?



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