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Congratulations to Autodesk

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01-15-2017 10:39 AM

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Autodesk on making working in Maya unbearable. I've been using Maya since version 4 and I've never experienced this many bugs and annoyances with the program.


 - Good job on the window docking feature. Now I can't move any windows around without worrying about docking them somewhere and ruining my layout. Sometimes I try to open a window and it doesn't show up, because it got docked with something I have minimized, so instead of working on my project I have to go on a window hunt. Disabling docking doesn't work, because they get docked anyway, only this time you can't pull them free.


 - Thanks for resetting all of my windows every time I restart Maya. Now, instead of doing work I have to spend my time manually restoring all of my windows along with their sizes and positions. Something I am forced to do often because Maya crashes every 5 minutes. Congratulations on that too, by the way. The current poor stability of the program is truly unprecedented. But no worries, I've got plenty of time. It's not like I have deadlines to meet or anything.


 - Thanks for changing all the icons from colorful to monotone, a truly needed feature, because I used to be able to quicky locate a button by its color and now I have to spend a little bit more time on that. And a huge thanks for rearranging the menus. It's very helpful and I think you should do it with every new release.


 - Wonderful job on getting rid of the old Hypershade. I love not being able to quickly identify and connect nodes. Interface aesthetics are so much more important than being able to do work quickly using tools you are familiar with. And I love the various bugs that have been around since at least version 2017 and not addressed by any updates. Like UVs not showing up in the UV editor, snapping functions getting stuck, newly created nodes not showing up in Hypershade and so on.


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Re: Congratulations to Autodesk

01-15-2017 09:01 PM in reply to: heliosending

The toolbar icons (especially the sculpting set) are indeed horrible. If you look in the user interface category on the "small annoying things to fix" site, the request to return to the old style of icons has the second highest number of votes (125) in that category. Evidently that is not a  compelling enough number to warrant even a cursory response from the developers...which I find both unprofessional and rude.

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