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Command Line prerender mel script or mel command with spaces

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Command Line prerender mel script or mel command with spaces

I'm trying to use the -preRender flag for Maya command line rendering.


I'm having luck with:

Render -preRender "torus;"


I'm not having luck with:

Render -preRender "hide pCube1;"

because there are spaces in the mel command.

How do I fix this?


And in an ideal world I would be able to call a mel script instead of just including the mel command lines. But I have had no luck with this. What is the real world syntax to do that? The manual doesn't help much.


Thank you.

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There's an example on this page. It does something completely unrelated to what you're doing, but it has spaces in the prerender mel:

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thanks for the suggestion Stephen.


Actually it was a bug with Maya. It was fixed in the latest update. 

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