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Cleanup Menu Is Not Appearing

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Cleanup Menu Is Not Appearing

Recently, I tried pulling a model into ZBrush but it told me that the model had faces with more than 4 sides. I know how to fix that, so I went back into Maya, went to Mesh> Cleanup and... nothing happened. A menu never showed up and continues not to show up. Is the Cleanup function broken? I curently have Maya 2016 installed with Service Pack 6.

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The image below is from Maya 2016 SP6. Maybe try resetting your preferences?



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Nope. Resetting didn't work

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Are you using just one monitor? (Just trying to make sure the dialog box is not hidden offscreen somewhere.)

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Yeah, I only have one screen
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Alright, to test your idea, I connected a second screen and the cleanup text box appeared on the second screen. Its as if my computer is acting like there is a second screen, even when there isn't
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Did you move the dialog box back to your original monitor? It should stay there if you do. 

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