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Cannot get Substance plug-in to appear at all (Education license)

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Cannot get Substance plug-in to appear at all (Education license)

Maya will not detect the Substance plug-in at all. Maya refuses to acknowledge the substance plug-in folder and its files, and won't even get them to show up in the plug-in manager so it's not even a matter of whether the plug-in is loaded or not. I've tried installing the plug-in directly from Adobe but Maya still doesn't notice. I have tried moving the substance-linker.dll into the bin folder as many people have put as answers all over online, but no dice. I have tried to browse and load them manually but Maya gives an error message no matter what I do. Updated to 2024 and still so resolution. I just now completely deleted every single thing on my laptop that was Maya/Autodesk related. Installed again, this time back to 2023, and still no fixes! The installer said Substance (Installed) and it was greyed out, but there's no way it was already installed because I deleted absolutely everything. I'm trying to apply my textures to a model for a rapidly approaching deadline but Maya is being anything but cooperative. I am under an education license as I am a college student if this matters at all.

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they still havent fixed that?

is it the linker.dll giving you trouble, boot up maya and look in the help info window to see whats going on

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